Case Study

Creating home-grown, local talent in a world of remote working

ASML operate within the semiconductor industry, supplying computer chips to businesses across the globe. Their focus on sustainability runs throughout their model, with a mission to create chips that are better for both end clients and the environment.

The Challenge

ASML were searching for Junior Python Test Automation Engineers (SDET) in San Diego, California. This is a niche skill set, especially at a junior level, as it’s not actively taught in higher education. ASML were looking for quality candidates and needed to ensure a strong cultural fit with their existing tech teams. They wanted to hire skilled Engineers, so needed a program that taught the exact tech stack required.


In 2022, we partnered with Insight Global, a staffing company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, to provide a bespoke solution to ASML. We agreed to provide ASML with 6 Engineers trained in Python SDET, who would then join their San Diego-based team for a 15-month placement.

We ran a cobranded attraction campaign, with targeted messaging shown to people living in San Diego (and a commutable distance around) who were eligible to work in the US. Within a week, we had over 200 applicants who met our initial criteria.

Our assessment process is designed to identify individuals with the key skills required to thrive during both training and employment, including intellectual horsepower, logic and pattern-finding, problem-solving, and collaboration. We don’t assess CVs, and instead host solo interviews, aptitude tests, and group assessment centres, all of which can be tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

Our technical training team hosted a workshop with the client to create a 10-week training program. This was built with direction from ASML and guidance from our expert instructors. The result was a fully aligned training program with the ASML tech stack at its core.

Once our training was completed, all 6 Engineers started on site in San Diego, delivering in different technical product teams from day one.


Our bespoke solution included a 6-week attraction and assessment process to ensure we were recruiting from the largest, most diverse talent pool possible before selecting only the highest potential individuals. Our 10-week training program led into a 15-month client placement, with all 6 roles filled.


ASML needed to find high potential tech talent in San Diego within a skill-short market. Our Marketing team were able to create bespoke, targeted adverts, shown only to local residents, that used both ASML and _nology branding to attract people from a huge range of backgrounds. With the advent of remote roles, ASML had been struggling to find area-specific talent – so we created it for them.

ASML also needed a specific tech stack – the competitive market and the pace they work at meant they needed skilled Engineers who could land and have an immediate impact. We collaborated with ASML to create a tailored training program that would ensure our _nologists added value from day one.

Our partnership with Insight Global meant that we could fast-track our work with ASML, as they already had the commercial agreements in place so that we could deliver quickly. We trained and placed 5 men and 1 woman, all eligible to work in the US and security clearable.


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