Looking for tech talent and need to hire quickly? At _nology we attract, assess, train, and support individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds and turn them into brilliant Junior Software Developers or Cloud Engineers. Inject your tech team with our contract _nologists or speak to us about our bespoke training options…


Attract – Our award-winning Marketing team use a range of bespoke, targeted attraction campaigns to reach the highest potential people from a diverse range of backgrounds. These include paid digital campaigns, with clients, internal retraining programmes, and CSR partnerships. Find out more here

Assess  – We assess applicants through a competency-based, blind CV process and select candidates based on their mindset and capability rather than education or experience. This includes:

  • A 3-stage assessment process to gain access to the programme, including a solo interview, aptitude test, and group assessment that involves a JavaScript lesson and group problem-solving activity
  • 2 weeks of pre-course digital learning to cover the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

This allows us to assess key skills like intellectual horsepower, logic, pattern-finding, learning on the fly, perseverance and problem solving which are all necessary to thrive during tech training and employment.

Train  – Training is delivered by our in-house team of expert instructors over a full-time 12-week period. All curriculum has been written by _nology based on the feedback our clients provide about what skills they need. This is hands-on, in-demand, modern training in Software Development and Cloud Engineering, including:

  • A 3-month, full-time tech training accelerator
  • Practical project delivery from day 1
  • Hands-on coding
  • Daily stand-ups to review any issues
  • Ongoing quality assessments, including technical coding, presentations, group projects, and interviews

View our Software Engineering curriculum here and our Cloud Engineering curriculum here.

Support  – During training, the Talent Team conduct biweekly 1-2-1s. _nologists then join our clients for their full-time 18-month placements as well-rounded technical team members ready to hit the ground running. Our _nology Talent Team is on-hand to assist _nologists during their training and placement to help them grow technically and professionally, relieving reliance on line managers whilst on site, including:

  • _nologist check-ins at weeks 1 and 2, and monthly thereafter
  • _nologist reviews take place at the end of weeks 1 and 2, and monthly thereafter
  • Client reviews are conducted at 1 month and quarterly thereafter
  • Pay rises every 6 months
  • Technical support from our instructors, bolstered by their own individual Pluralsight account

After a successful 18-month placement, there’s the option for the _nologists to turn into permanent employees.

Bespoke Offerings: We can upskill your existing workforce with your required coding languages and tools, or we can train a new, bespoke team in the exact skill set you need. Please get in touch with us to discuss your bespoke requirements.


  • Internal marketing campaigns to attract employees to the benefits of a tech career. You can read an overview of our upskilling accelerator here.
  • External targeted marketing campaigns to attract new employees, allowing for greater diversity and social mobility. Find out more about our bespoke marketing approach here.
  • Experienced hiring to fill any gaps that can’t be achieved with retraining.
  • Tailored curriculum based on your tech stack – view our Software Engineering curriculum here, and our Cloud Engineering curriculum here, as well as our bespoke add-ons.
  • Aftercare to support _nologists’ adjustment to their new roles.



  • Software Development (JavaScript, Node, Java, C#, SQL)
  • Front-End Development (HTML, CSS, JS, React, Angular)
  • Cloud Engineering (AWS, GCP, Cloud Networking, Ansible, Terraform, Docker)
  • DevOps Engineering (CICD, Jenkins, K8S, Monitoring)
  • Testers (Software QA, SDET)
  • Business Analysis
  • Bespoke Teams


We transform existing, non-technical employees into job-ready technologists with our upskilling accelerator. By running our competency based assessments, we can identify the individuals in your workforce that could thrive as technologists. We run cobranded attraction campaigns to encourage non-technical staff to retrain, with emails and bespoke landing pages on our websites with further information and application forms.

Through retraining, our clients make significant savings on recruitment, and experience a positive effect on staff morale, external PR, and staff retention. You can read an overview of our upskilling accelerator here.

Our 12-week tech training ensures they complete their training with the skills they need to add value from day one. We can build a tailored, branded retraining programme specifically for your employees. Learn about the bespoke retraining programme we created for Accenture here.

We can build you a bespoke workforce. We attract, assess, train, and support a tech team tailored to your requirements. We find intelligent, hardworking, passionate individuals from underrepresented groups who demonstrate all the right soft skills to add significant value to your business. We train them in the skill set and tech stack you need, creating a new tech team who are ready to hit the ground running.

Why partner with us


_nology delivers training built on a positive and highly interactive learning environment, anchored in best practice. We’re in business to create tech talent capable of hitting the ground running and adding value to your organisation from day one.


Scale the number of _nologists working for you up and down to meet your project needs. We always have _nologists available and can deploy them almost immediately so that your projects aren’t held up.


Our specialist support team provides 18 to 24 months of unlimited support, ongoing learning, and HR needs, reducing the reliance on your existing managers and saving time.


You'll enjoy access to a strong talent pool that represents greater diversity.


If required, we can guarantee the same _nologists from project to project, with the ability to convert _nologists to permanent hires.


_nologists are our full-time employees, so we take care of everything - insurance, payroll, and pensions, alongside healthcare benefits and 401K for our US _nologists.


Expect savings on typical contractor day rates, as well as internal recruitment and marketing costs.


_nology has a global presence, with offices in the UK and Australia, US, and more in the pipeline.